A Frank Discussion, on How Facebook Ruins People’s Behavior

Most Chicanos are on FB via their phones. There are pointed statistical figures that confirm that what they call ” Latinos” are more “connected” to the internet than most most – but connectivity, has nada to do with the constructs of privacy, individualism, etc. Many think or feel that by “liking” or “sharing” articles, or things passed along their way via facebook that their due dilligence has been done. That by “liking” and sharing some opinion of someone they have somehow done their good deed for the day.

Lets face it: Social Media has replaced a great deal of what a sense of “belonging,” or involvement entails, in terms of being an activist. While it might pose to be a useful tool, few activists of any stripe actually give pause to some of the implications that might exist – like a lack of privacy, and registry files, or cookies that can hide out on your computer or phone.

While a TEMPORARY Marketing Tool, Facebook has also become a platform for paranoia, mal-adaptive perceptions, etc. Plain and simple, Facebook has endowed people with a false perception that what they do, like, or post has ANY validity – and believe you me, they’re tracking ALL of it. Everything you do, and everywhere you go. The software algorithms are so smart, that they even profess to know your leanings, of what you will “like,” or what you might “like.”

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and who has a netflix account ought to get a notion of this. My consensus on this is: Truchas with your Facebook usage. Be prudent and deliberate on what you choose to publicize. Because it’s all being mapped out – everything you do, and everywhere you go. And no, those “privacy settings” they falsely assure of aren’t steeped in privacy by the slightest. Any and every H4cker from her to India knows this.