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FotoFlexer_PhotoA Fake Profile has been generated to be in the likeness of one of our Brown Berets, please avoid this fake profile at all costs. The “Felix Estrada” profile has been known to agitate & challenge other Brown Berets on social media, they are not representative of the Carnalismo National Brown Berets.

Brown Berets & AIM CTX continue In “Anti-Bully” Protest

On Friday, May 29, 2015, several members of the American Indian Movement of Central Texas called for a second day of protest at Longfellow Middle School after several threats of violence directed towards 13 year old Deanna Villareal were released on the internet following the May 28th protest.

The initial protest, which took place across the street from the entrance of the school, brought about an ugly reaction from the student body leaving campus. Many pre-teens were seen giving protesters the middle fingers, shouting vulgarities, or holding up notebooks with messages such as “suck my a**”. According to Melissa Villareal (Mother of Deanna), she waited at a police station for over two hours before speaking to an officer about the cyber threats that followed. SAPD told the woman that it was simply a matter of her daughter “sucking it up”. However, the message that Melissa Villareal delivered to the school the following day was definitely heard by the faculty & staff of Longfellow Middle School who were telling student to ignore protesters.

4 Brown Berets, along with several members of the “Armor of God” Motorcycle Club, were present on the second day of action against bullying at Longfellow Middle School to support AIM CTX. Personal Security for Deana Villareal was provided by 2 Brown Berets, while the others focused on the building up and documenting the protest.11219230_1599886036937600_7339828403263325793_n The message of the protest was directed towards the educational facility to demand accountability on behalf from the school that has known about this particular bullying incident for over 4 months. Our mission statement (commitment to non-violence & education) was repeated over a bullhorn along with chants such as “BULLIES PROTECTED, VICTIMS NEGLECTED” so that students, parents & faculty didn’t feel as if they were caught in a crossfire between an angry mom & the school. It wasn’t until a woman who had been observing the crowd from across the street walked over and thanked us for the protest, that we knew the battle against bullying was in our favor. According to the woman, who immediately burst into tears after security personnel from AIM CTX & Carnalismo Brown Berets let her near Melissa & her daughter, many children (including her own) face bullying at Longfellow Middle School.

The protest ended with Deanna & her parents meeting with school officials to discuss a solution. Overall the 2 day protest was highly charged, but kept organized & peaceful at all times.

For more information about the American Indian Movement of Central Texas please visit:

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San Anto Cop Watch: From the Front Lines



On Friday, June 19th, at 1:00 P.M. The fifth in a series of protest demonstrations organized through the “San Anto Cop Watch” will be held in front of the Bexar County Courthouse at 300 Dolorosa Street in San Antonio to demand justice for Marquise Jones. The protest will also serve to bring attention to our local battle against the police brutality that has plagued our communities and has targeted young black and brown men for decades. This is a coordinated action of the San Anto Cop Watch”, a grassroots effort facilitated by the Carnalismo Brown Berets and New Black Panther Party to support the Jones/Lamkin family and demand the indictment of Officer Robert Encina. The protest will be aimed at district attorney Nico LaHood to hold him accountable to his alleged support of the family and our fight against law enforcement abuse in San Antonio. Marquise Jones was shot in the back by an off-duty San Antonio police officer on the night of February 28 2014 in the parking lot of Chacho’s & Chalucci’s (8614 Perrin Beitel, San Antonio,Texas, 78217). Officer Robert Encina has justified his murder of Marquise by alleging that he had a gun. However, according to the final report taken on the night of the incident the only weapon that was found was 10 to 20 feet away from Marquise’s body and was never dusted for fingerprints. We believe that the weapon found at the scene of the crime did not belong to Marquise Jones we also would like to highlight the distortion of facts portrayed by the media outlets that say Marquise was shot in the torso. The autopsy report clearly states he was shot in the back several times by officer Robert encina while he was running away, not running towards officer encina. we will continue to organize and grow in numbers as it is becoming apparent that there is a serious problem with law enforcement nationwide. As concerned San Antonions, we reserve the right to defend our families and communities at whatever costFotoFlexer_Photo

San Anto Cop Watch
Mission Objective-September 16, 2014
The San Anto Cop Watch is a grassroots effort to help families in San Antonio that have been physically, mentally, & psychologically harmed by Law Enforcement in the City of San Antonio and its greater areas. We recognize that in order to effectively battle Police Brutality, we must support each other (and our respective actions) and stand in solidarity with those who have been directly affected. The San Anto Cop Watch will serve as a support group to families because we recognize that the voices of the oppressed are often overlooked by individuals trying to push a greater agenda. By participating in the San Anto Cop Watch, we will not prioritize the greater law enforcement abuse issue over the wants & needs of the local families. We will use education & awareness as our ultimate weapon against police brutality, and pledge to resolving issues in an organized non-violent manner. As families in San Antonio begin to grow stronger & more confident in their actions, the San Anto Cop Watch will also serve as a coalition comprised of different organizations that will assist in the organizing of actions/demonstrations in San Antonio and network to connect with other families throughout the country.

Statement-Carnalismo California

FB_IMG_1426280837026Statment of Affiliation

As per our last conversation with Ollin Kin, Victor San Miguel, and Myself, it was agreed that Ollin Kin does not and will not represent the Carnalismo Brown Beret organization. it was also agreed with both parties that Ollin Kin would not recruit, represent, or speak for the Carnalismo Brown Beret Organization. The Carnalismo Brown Beret Organization will stay as we are with the American Indian Movement: which is a mutual respect on the field and in action. The Carnaliamo Brown Berets have come to the conclusion that we will work separately from Ollin Kin, this decision has been made on a national level and shall be respected by all chapters of the Carnalismo Brown Beret Organization and its affiliates.

Chuco Felix

Prime Minister

Carnalismo California

Black & Brown Unite against Police Brutality


Self Determination drives the Chicano/Afro activist.

To be able to fight aggressively for what you believe is Self Determination. An increased militarization of local police forces has lead to more police murders among Chicanos/Afros within the past several years. Many have witnessed police brutality in our own lives, either by getting hassled/beat by a cop or losing someone to police-inflected violence. The need to protect ourselves & our families in modern America has led to a reemergence of community-centered organizations like ours.


Bro AK (Left), Khari Abdul X (Center), & “Chuco” Felix stand together after a protest to demand accountability from the San Antonio Police Department in response to the unjustified murder of Marquise Jones,23.


 “You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.”
-Bobby Seale






The Carnalismo Brown Berets have come together with the New Black Panther Party to address the issue of police violence in our community. It is our mission to ensure that the voice of the community is not silenced as we have vowed to be the vanguard of the people’s movement by any means necessary. By providing traffic control & crowd support during demonstrations, we are keeping the integrity of our cause and displaying an organized retaliation against the oppresive forces at hand.

J4MWhen to Contact Brown Beret and/or Black Panther:


There will be certain occasions where having Brown Berets & Black Panthers can make a demonstration safer and have more of an impact among demonstrators and the intended audience (news outlets, people passing by, etc.). We will take initiative in getting your action to meet its utmost potential; and if there’s police or anti-protesters, we will act as the buffer zone between them and your crowd.