No misnomer with nicknames

In our movement, we do encounter many others who prefer to fancy themselves by nickname, rather than their own name. We ought to be very alert with regard to those who insist by being identified by an alternative persona to the one who has grownt up and operated for so many years in the flesh and blood – and with paper trail to boot. It is with good measure and prudence to examine why some individuals have sought to self-identify with a moniker, rather than involving thier own personalities within El Movimiento. However, There is ALSO something to be said for those whose ONLY moniker is their own true personality – un coweled from monikers or self professed nicknames.

Nicknames offer a level of anonymity and detachment which is really concerning. For instance, in my long passed days, I knew many exotic dancers who had to assume their nicknames in order to compartmentalize how they operated from their working persona v.s. their familia persona.

So, for an initiative, for a movimiento, would it be healthy to compartmentalize? To hold a duplicituous personality? One should hope not.

One could call me “diddled-eyed joe,” or damned if I know, but the truth remains that hiding behind some self-imposed persona is NOT in keeping with being a Brown Beret. End of story.