Infiltrators & Saboteurs

While historically Brown Berets have had a history of dealing with Infiltrators, or Law
Enforcement, it is just as, if not more destructive dealing with SABOTEURS.
A Saboteur, acting alone for self-aggrandizing purposes is concerned only with themselves, their ego, and their lack of personal accomplishments fulfillment in their personal life. They may be posturing constantly, trying to gratify their own morally bankrupt agendas – trying to coax sexual favors out of subordinates, and order other subordinates to inflict violence on their detractors.

They will cowardly do all of this, while spreading unproven slander and libel about their detractors over the internet, and via telephone. Saboteurs are cowardly, jobless types, who can seldom turn a screw, hammer a nail, dig a ditch, or look after themselves, so they groom the only skill they have; Their mouth. This individual has likely conned, coaxed and intimidated people with their mouth alone ( as so many avaricious salesperson can be prone do to) their whole lives, and may in fact be quite good at it. The saboteur will gain the trust of sometimes more naïve hearts – or people unskilled in “reading” people. The saboteur is a little like a watered-down version of a cult leader, and will gain trust through indulgence of one’s personal weaknesses, triumphs, tragedies, etc.

Once they have established your trust in them, they will proceed to move onto the manipulations, asking or demanding favors, regardless of how outrageous, outlandish, or inappropriate.

The saboteur, creates divisiveness, paranoia, hostility, etc among their detractors and among organizations.

The good news about saboteurs is that they tend to be lazy cowards. Because of their cowardly laziness, one would be hard pressed to find a saboteur in the flesh on their doorstep, ready to spill blood over differences. The bad news is that instead, a saboteur is content to try to embolden others to attack, commit violence, etc. Chances are this person is well-accustomed to freeloading off of others, and long dreamt of being able to delegate orders of violence.
One must prepare one’s self for dealing with saboteurs – often, you will have no one or few people in your corner, advocating for you. You must keep your head up, stay strong and persistent. Time and track record prove all things.

How to identify an saboteur – usually, a saboteur goes great length to position themselves, so these are likely more easily identified in someone carrying or posturing toward a leadership position.
1. Those who give subordinates standing orders to have others assaulted, or killed.

2. Those who often talk about taking out “hits” on people they consider detractors. If the individuals they are referring to are Raza, that has done no discernible wrong then this is a big red flag, since we’re here to serve and fortify Raza.

3. Treats divergant opinions as insolence; Remember, this individual is threatened by anyone who questions them or their motives or accountability. Once you do this, you are no longer in their good graces.

4. Rants about their delusional concepts of assembling a private army.

5. Continually and repeatedly meddles in the private lives of others – always pressing other for information on the private lives of others, and deliberately planting inferences to test the water and gain more trust/leverage.

6. Those that always contradict with pointless arguments in meetings or spread dissension on a one-on-one basis. Also be weary of those who meddle in other people’s personal affairs such as their relationships and such. These
things can cause division, confusion, and disruption within the organization. While some do this because they are “metiches” with no honor, infiltrators do this maliciously. Put a quick end to this and get to the root of the problem by finding out who started the “rumor” or dissenting argument and discipline them promptly.

7. Those who slander or attack leaders with no regard and no motive. While no one is
perfect, neither are the leaders, whatever wrongdoing that is done by a leader should be addressed in the appropriate manner by other leaders with substantial proof of wrong doing. Speculations and petty issues should never be entertained.

8. Those who are always trying to convince others to join another organization or break away and start a rival organization.

9. Those who mysteriously show up out of nowhere, don’t have any connections to the community, and don’t have a real background that can be verified. This person’s background typically is spotty, inconsistent meaning their life story contradicts
itself at points, or implausible meaning that some of their stories could not have possibly happened.


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