Membership in the Carnalismo brown berets is not open to just anyone. We allow only ethical, honorable people in our organization. Although much journalistic attention has been afforded to many other brown berets seeking photo ops and notoriety, the Carnalismo brown berets have been largely committed to discretion. This policy may seem puzzling for ego stroking types, but our policy has proven successful – and exhibits how our organization has never been hijacked by in-fighting, and how our veterano original members still stand with the organization. In other words, our originality and authenticity (since the 60s) have stood without interruption.

We use the utmost scrutiny in vetting new prospects. We ONLY recruit those of sound mind, and good character. We don’t need puppies, who liked being dragged on a leash,  or sheep who follow blindly. Carnalismo welcomes independent thought. In the Carnalismo Brown Berets all of our members have a voice and we maintain an open door policy within our leadership.

For membership inquiries, we invite you to contact us, and an interview will ensue. Fill out the form below:


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