Being a Brown Beret is a tough bid

Being a Brown Beret can be a very trying happenstance: First, we’re met immediately with this issue of legitimacy – many of the people who assigned themselves “owness” of the persona continually try to retain “own-ness” over the Brown Beret persona. In numerous respects, a  lot of Brown Beret groups have left themselves open to infiltration.

With regard to the Carnalismo Brown Berets, there are some continual constants –  we are consistent raza: We’re not rapacious, or hungry for numbers – we have NO need for stragglers. We do NOT give a please about those who have sought to craft a private army to do their own bidding. Those who do so are NOT Brown Berets, nor are they in keeping with anything that has anything to  do with us-they are weak people, with nothing going for themselves. They are NOT shining stalwarts as Brown Berets – they are losers, left devoid of ANY accomplishments  in their lives – they are losers.