Statement/Response to recent smear campaigns

The Carnalismo Brown Berets, who have been heavily steeped en el movimiento have always stood to help gente for generations. We have always been active in coalition-building to help provide support and for other organizations (at local, national, and international levels.) Our organization has been running off this continuum, for nearly 50 years; always self-funded, and self sufficient. We have always committed ourselves to offering a helping hand – for those who need our advocacy, and for internally, within our chapters.

Carnalismo exists solely to help others – regardless of creed, stripe, or “ORIENTATION.”

Carnalismo does their due diligence to vet all of our members, to ensure that they are NOT of adverse proclivities, That they are not deviant in their behavior. Especially if their behavior is deemed immoral or malignant.

This is a lot more to be said than other organizations, who in fact DO make effort to “engender” the cause, or use their fake accolades to feed themselves their malignant narcissistic needs for self worth.

Even in lieu, of false accusations of being territorial, this is a fallacy – since the Carnalismo Brown Berets operate very fluidly, and don’t delineate “borders” nor ascribe to lines and maps drawn by colonizers. We transcend those lines because we have a system of understanding one-another, and we have NO need to “compartmentalize” those imaginary lines. In fact, we have done a lot of collaborative coalition work with other Brown Beret groups operating in our home states.

Those who lust for territory, or those who are emphatic about territory are likely missing the point. They are falling into a “colonized” mindset. This is a mind-set that has been foisted upon our Raza, and sadly so, many people have succumbed to it and perpetuated it.
They cant see the forest for the trees, or the llano for the dirt.

It is a tragic travesty when people or groups allow themselves to be weakened by this mind-set. Our gente are amongst the strongest and most resilient. So it is a travesty when people/other groups take adversarial stances because they are grandstanding, and validation-seeking to feed their egos-willing to go so far as to spew lies, spread smear campaigns, and squelch our El Paso Chapter (which is ALSO WOMAN LEAD).

The Carnalismo Brown Berets, for how ever many scars we have incurred have always endured, and have greatly admired ALL women, and have always shown deference within our organization. Discrimination, racism, misogyny, incarceration, labor exploitation, break the Chicano family – and we also know of the agenda of how they have not only attempted to break the spirit of the Chicano Man, But the principally the the Chicano WOMAN.

The Carnalismo Brown Berets have the full support and attention of our Chapters in West Texas, and otherwise. We move fluidly, and don’t obscure matters amongst “drawn lines,” nor do we engage in one-up-“man”-ship. We proudly listen to the Chicana woman first, and have many chapters led by women. and blessed to have such strong Chicana women who actually lead, instead of belittling others on social media,
or orchestrating smear campaigns. Women are a blessing, and they give us LIVE, and that cannot be refuted.

We support our El Chuco chapter fully – just as we had supported a previous one (also woman led) for years. For their own reasons, when they decided to extricate their already autonomous chapter. And both organizations did this amicably. Or so we thought. We later found that we were being besmirched, and that a smear campaign had been launched against us, without any provocation.

Carnalismo as a word is NOT a “male dominant” ideology. It is the brand, and our patch. None of us float the word around from a place of masculinity, nor male dominance. We wear that patch because of its’ historicity, and the name is the name. We don’t put our egos into this. It is meant to stand up for our rights. At the end of the day, there should be nothing wrong with that. Besmirched or not.