On this day, in Chicano History:

1973, Tucson, Arizona:
Two highly decorated Viet Nam veteran are arrested together, but treated differently. John Hall is given a suspended sentence, but Carlos Flores is charged with “resisting a Border Patrol Officer.”

1973, Tucson, AZ

Brown Beret Jose Maria Vasquez with American GI Forum Speaks

As many of our members are Military Veterans, we Carnalismo Brown Berets do support our Veterans, and support helping them in many of the pitfalls they encounter upon returning from war and combat. These issues with hospital shortages are rampant in states in Aztlan (US Southwest) that cover huge expanses, but have low, or rural populations. Sr. Vasquez speaks on the disparity and lack of resources for Veterans, and how absurd and wasteful (or misallocated) government spending can be.


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