DeHerrera family of Longmont, CO – STILL being harassed by their community

We wrote on this issue back in 2010, and originally published it on . And yet here we are, over five years later, and the DeHerrera family are still being harrased in their community of Longmont, Colorado. The original entry reads:

“Unfortunately, the Chicano people of the southwestern United States are going to be subject to this form of racism, which is inflicted multilaterally.
It begins with a hostile environment, such as racist anglo neighbors, who pressure the local police to put the squeeze on their Chicano (or minority) equivalents. In a state where even dignitaries, media and talking mouthpieces are hostile toward Chicanos and/or Mexican Nationals/the poor/minorities it is quite easy to discriminate against a small group of individuals and get away with it.

Such is the case in Longmont, Colorado – and the De Herrera family. As is often the case with our Gente we are family-oriented, and tend to have large families. Because many of us don’t make it toward “economic affluence” we as family tend to help each other out, and stick together. This is what has gone on with the De Herrera family and their household.

The De Herrera’s, like many Chicano people from the southwest have a lineage in this very territory that hails back to hundreds-upon-hundreds of years. Yet, racist Anglo Immigrants – people whose lineage likely only stems back little more than a century have taken a “NATIVIST” stance against the people, the Raza whose very blood is sewn into the soil of the southwest.

The hostile neighbors, in fear of this Chicano family’s tight bond have labeled them a nuisance, and have complained to the institutions and entities who share a similar bias toward the Chicano/Mexica people.

Those institutions have been the local District Attorney’s Office, the conservative publication, The Longmont Times-Call, and the Longmont Police Department. All these entities (and more) have collectively and multilaterally managed to terrorize, intimidate, surveil, and threaten the De Herrera’s in an attempt to remove them from their residence.

Every publicized news story in the Longmont Times-Call has shown unfounded evidence of the nuisance claims against the De Herrera’s…of course the RAG paper does all they can to elude to findings being confirmed, but their articles hold no water. We would post a link to this excrementitious news rag, but we don’t want to funnel them the web traffic. You will have to perform your own searches.

The De Herrera family came to the Carnalismo Brown Berets of NM in need of help, and we are committed to helping in such cases where civil and social justice aren’t being assured, and Gente are being marginalized, segregated, or discriminated against. We as Mountain States Brown Berets will continue to combat the issues at hand. We ARE watching the situation as it plays out…Keep visiting for updates on the matter.

-Rick Gonzales,
Prime Minister,
Brown Berets, Carnalismo NM”

The DeHerrera family was sent an anonymous letter by some coward, which was full of threats and racial epithets directed NOT only to the family, but to the Chicano people as a whole:

The anonymous letter, sent to a member of the DeHerrera family.

The anonymous letter, sent to a member of the DeHerrera family.

Carnalismo Brown Berets Protest SB185 in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Sunday, March 15, 2015, Carnalismo San Anto Brown Berets and others protested a bill which allows for racial profiling in Texas – one which is similar to SB 1070, in Arizona.

Republican state senator Charles Perry of Lubbock introduced SB 185. The bill would allow peace officers to ask anyone for documentation to prove their citizenship status. It would also allow the Attorney General to withhold state grand funds if municipalities forbid an officer from asking about someone’s status.

State Senator Donna Campbell of New Braunfels is co-sponsoring the bill.

We must put a stop to this “tongue-in-cheek” racial profiling legislation.

Continually have to deal with bad people…

En El Movimiento, we are riddled and rife with so many ppl hung up on their own self aggrandizement – we continually have to address this susceptibility, and permeability in order to keep things honest. There is, however a certain phenomena where distinct bad actors continually try to amass own-ness or ownership of the Brown Beret persona. There are individuals who have distinctly sought to copywrite or trademark what we do. They thirst to own it. They are so hungry to own it, they are willing to pay the fees, and take the gabacho route to have “own-ness” over a cause, in an effort to own the Brown Beret persona. LETS BE CLEAR – ANYONE MAKING CLAIMS TO THIS, VIA THE GABACHO GOVERNMENT ARE STILL THEMSELVES FEEDING THE SAME MACHINATIONS THE BROWN BERETS HAVE HISTORICALLY SOUGHT TO CHALLENGE. In other words, your legitimacy continually envelopes toward your ILL-ligitimacy, and I for one am sorry that you squandered such expense to file through the gabacho system, compromise your physical addresses in doing so, and continuing to harass other Brown Berets. We will NOT allow “bad actors” en el movimiento – it simply won’t occur.

Ferguson Verdict gives me the needle farts

After only perusing a few posts, I see many saying they’re NOT surprised of the Grand Jury Verdict today – over officer shit sh*t stick being acquitted of gunning down Michael Brown. It’s not enough to say that I wasn’t surprised. I am very much a “worst-case-scenario” kind of guy. Many might argue that I’m a pessimist – still many others would argue that I’m an analytical thinker. Day-to-day situations frustrate me, while I can be cool as a cucumber during crisis type situations.

But I am actually, honestly surprised. Anyone who knows anything about our justice system knows that it is not – nor has it ever been blind in any instance where it inconvenienced the prevailing “old world” powers.

Justice, as put forth by the philosophical Romans was beset on seeking “moral” argument of right and wrong – but since it’s inception, it was still engineered for nuances; “this is allowed here, but not there. We will be judged by peers, but not those peers – not the obvious ones, or the ones most afflicted or affected by the factors of the case.

Yes, Law gives me a huge case of the needlefarts. I mean “needlefart” metaphorically, but it sort of means, something meant to relieve ones self which ends up causing a great deal of pain. Such is the case with the Ferguson ordeal. Fact of the matter is this: Too many cops are shooting too many civillians indiscriminately and getting off scott-free for it.

The police are enjoying a vindictive privilege we civilians are NEVER afforded – and worse yet, we PAY them! Our taxes pay them.

Even if we could find a way that our taxes no longer fund them, the GOP would hire private police. So what is there to do?


Black and Brown Unity

In solidarity with the New Black Panther Party of Houston, TX, the Carnalismo Brown Berets had a meeting with Minister of Defense, Vince, of the New Black Panther Party. The meeting took place the weekend of Oct. 25th-26th. More details to follow.


Prime Minister Victor San Miguel, (Carnalismo) with Minister of Defense, Vince (New Black Panther Party)

Prime Minister Victor San Miguel, (Carnalismo) with Minister of Defense, Vince (New Black Panther Party)



From the Original Brown Berets de Odessa, TX

R.I.P. Former Odessa Brown Beret “Ruben Martinez,” ECISD Teacher, also ran the Motivation and Education Job Training Program. Clipping from El Mestizo, Chicano Newspaper published by the late Ramon Arroys de El Chuco. R.I. P Carnal.

RUben-Martinez-elMeztiso-clipping“Carnales Unidos.” Photo taken by the late Ramon Arroyos de Chuco, Tejas.

The Caravan of nearly 100 cars headed to Big Spring, TX, where we had apeacful march to the Howard County Courthouse, speakers and family member of the victims spoke to people of Big Spring. Brown Berets from all over Texas were here to support “La Causa.”

The double standard with child migrants

The double standard with child migrants
Ricky Gonzales

There are many instances, in which I’m in discussion/debate with some knuckle dragging moron who refuses to see the point I’m getting across. So one technique I use to combat this is “movie analogy.” I usually reference a movie that is a classic, and widely known to be influential and informative to “pop culture.”

So for instance, if I’m debating someone on immigrations issues – specifically concerning Cuban Immigration and Cuban Americans v.s. the way Mexican Migration is viewed, I might reference the movie Scarface, which depicts how the United States granted political asylum to Cubano refugees, because they were fleeing what the U.S. perceived a “hostile government.” People were more easily given refugee status because the U.S. hated commies. Funny because right now, commies own most of our debt, and make all the crap people buy at Walmart, but I digress.

With regard to the recent controversies enswirled with this Central American refugee children issue, a new “movie analogy” has come to mind; Godfather II. Why Godfather II? Anyone who has seen it knows it is interlaced with the story of the “present,” interlaced with Vito Coreleone’s “past.” Specifically to Vito Corleone’s past, we see him as a child, fleeing Sicily – fleeing being murdered by the local crime boss, fleeing ALONE, to the United States. We then see little Vito Corleone go to Ellis Island, with a huge, vast wave of other immigrants from several other European Countries.vito-corleone-ellis-island(sm)

We then see how young Vito Corleone’s name had been changed from Vito Andolini by some some dumbass clerk at Ellis Island. This was written into the script, because it references what occurred to so many European immigrants who came to Ellis Island. That’s right, their names were different because of grammatical errors. Boo friggin hoo! What a horrible immigration experience.


As young Vito Corleone goes through his in processing, it is discovered he has a disease! That’s right, little Vito Corleone has small pox, and cannot be admitted into New York. They put the poor little bastard in his own room, (with an actual bed!)  in quarantine, presumably for a few months until he gets healthy, gets released and eventually becomes one of the largest crime bosses in the United States.

Wait a f*cking minute! Do I see another of many double standards of American Culture? Vito Corleone gets freely admitted into the United States, through Ellis Island, even though he is diseased and unaccompanied by either parent? Vito Corleone gets freely admitted into the United States, through Ellis Island, even though he came via Europe; another land mass, and crossed a whole ocean to get to the United States?

And yet, 90,000 little “vito corleones,” from the same continent as the United States, who are ALSO fleeing for their very lives are being called “diseased hordes,” and sleeping on concrete floors, surrounded by chainlink, just like dogs in a pound. And they too are escaping crime, and crime bosses.

Undocumented Immigrant Buses Turned Away in CaliforniaSo the attitudes of anti-migration (via the Mexican border) carried by the Tea Baggers, the Minutemen, the militias, politicians, etc. are PURELY racist, xenophobic, and Euro-centric. Unless of course, they feel about Vito Corleone the same way they feel about the 90,000 kids from Central America; that he should have been given a teddy bear, and a soccer ball, and sent back to the place from which he came.