Protestors at AZ Border detain YMCA School Bus

article-2677429-1F51916100000578-825_634x321 Jose+Magana+Anti+Immigration+Activists+Protest+py271SVyda5lEarlier this week, on an Oracle, Arizona Highway a bus full of school kids en route to summer camp was stopped by a bunch of peckerwood vigilantes. These peckerwood vigilantes have pledged to block buses transporting the influx of minor migrants from Central America. After these knuckle-dragging morons realized the bus they stopped was carrying children from a local school district in Marana, they waved the bus through, and let it pass. The bus was on it’s way to a YMCA summer camp.

The protests from these Tea Bagging, militia-types began earlier this month, in Murrieta, California and has spread to other border states. Scenarios like these can become dangerous situations, when a busload of school kids cannot travel freely, there is a problem.

These Tea Baggers and self-appointed militia groups have hurried to block buses after a government official leaked information about the travel itineraries of federal buses carrying undocumented migrant children. The mayor of Murrieta held a press conference, in which he announced information about the buses. The dolt sheriff of Oracle, Arizona also leaked the information about buses on his Facebook page.

In both towns, however, these morons have only numbered in the dozens – NOT hundreds, as right-wing, corporate news is trying to misportray. Many officials have also helped in pumping up fear surrounding these migrant children.

What is ironic is that these militia morons have made such an issue of showing presence in “guarding the border” after hearing about mere children entering the United States. They must feel emboldened since they’re standing opposed to kids, instead of squaring up toe-to-toe with grown ups. They ought to pick on someone their own size.

The Tea Baggers have announce over 160 events protesting the arrival of these migrant children, who are fleeing deplorable conditions for their own chances at survival.

Burque dodges a bullet-squelches anti-abortion ban

Yesterday, after an historic election (the only of its kind) Burque residents voiced their vote, and told meddling, tea bagging oppressors to butt out of women’s rights, when it comes down to late term abortion.
It is very ironic and duplicitous of the tea baggers and republicans who bitch and whine about government being too far sweeping only to try to ply legislation to suppress others based on their religious tenets.
As Brown Berets, we do NOT welcome this tea bagging element in Burque, Nuevo Mexico, or Aztlan as a whole. These tea baggers and republicans are often the same suppressive people who support legislation that seeks to oppress our Chicano people, the poor, and other minorities. These same greedy pigs want the government to butt out of their money, but to intervene on social matters such as Civil Rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, social services and social welfare programs as well as public programs or infrastructure.
Tea baggers and republicans are continually being funded by private special interest groups, corporations, and individuals, such as the vile ass wipe Koch Brothers. The funding toward the groups bring other special interests to the table, such as ALEC, a group aimed at schmoozing republican legislators, and tailor fitting the language to write bills that would continually stymie the poor, while oppressing their personal rights and privacy, and greasing the wheels of the corporate machine by means of deregulation.
The tea baggers and neo cons are truly a cancer to Aztlan, and the US as well. They are seeking every method possible to impose their will onto the rest of the people by bank rolling politicians, corporate media, and propoganda spewed to complacent people.
Yesterday’s vote is a victory for Albuquerque, for women’s reproductive rights, and for the rest of us who are sick of these gutless, cowardly religious zealots who continually stand in the way of progress in our civilization!