Racism in America today

Prime Minister of New Mexico’s Journal May 6, 2014:
It’s like a bunch of cockroaches-surfacing in the dark. You shine a light on them and they scatter, but they always come out in the darkness. I equate racism in America in much the same way. These filthy, stinking cowards who largely kept their views to themselves, because the rest of the decent people had shamed them into doing so.
Everyone has a right to be racist-no one is trying to suppress that right, nor should we be. But when we see the attitudes shift toward implementing oppression through legislation and policy, well that is another matter.
It may be a matter of semantics, but I’m not sure I’d call these agendas of oppression racism. They’re far more subtle. I’d call them classism, and ethnicism- still race based in ideologies, but so subtle they’re unspoken amongst those who support them.
This cowled, shielded attitude has shaped racism today. Since conventional racists had been shamed away from flagrantly casting racial epithets, they learned to take dog whistle queues in the media and amongst cohorts to prop up the same consensus.
Worse yet, while listening for these dog whistle queues, the racists have also learned to pull what I call “reverse, reverse racism,” which is for them to pull some racist sh*t, and then accuse those calling them out on it as “race baiters.”
As identifiers of oppression and racism we must NEVER be afraid of calling something as it is. Don’t ever hesitate.

I recall being at an Occupy Protest¬†one time when someone volunteering for the Ron Paul presidential campaign showed up. He was real aggressive and wouldn’t shut the hell about Ron Paul, while passing out palm cards. The protesters continued to tolerate him, and make intelligent arguments with him. But I couldn’t stand this idiot, so I blurted out, above the crowd “Ron Paul is a fuckin’ racist! Get the fuck out of my face with your Dr. Ron Paul!”
All the protesters laughed at him. I was in full Brown Beret uniform, and I was ready to handle the exchange any way he wanted. I didn’t call this poor dude a racist, but I did point out that the man he was supporting and trying to cram down our throats IS a racist. It ended all discussion right there, and the dude quietly walked off, with a bunch of protesters cheering. Confronting racism is a beautiful thing.

Burque dodges a bullet-squelches anti-abortion ban

Yesterday, after an historic election (the only of its kind) Burque residents voiced their vote, and told meddling, tea bagging oppressors to butt out of women’s rights, when it comes down to late term abortion.
It is very ironic and duplicitous of the tea baggers and republicans who bitch and whine about government being too far sweeping only to try to ply legislation to suppress others based on their religious tenets.
As Brown Berets, we do NOT welcome this tea bagging element in Burque, Nuevo Mexico, or Aztlan as a whole. These tea baggers and republicans are often the same suppressive people who support legislation that seeks to oppress our Chicano people, the poor, and other minorities. These same greedy pigs want the government to butt out of their money, but to intervene on social matters such as Civil Rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, social services and social welfare programs as well as public programs or infrastructure.
Tea baggers and republicans are continually being funded by private special interest groups, corporations, and individuals, such as the vile ass wipe Koch Brothers. The funding toward the groups bring other special interests to the table, such as ALEC, a group aimed at schmoozing republican legislators, and tailor fitting the language to write bills that would continually stymie the poor, while oppressing their personal rights and privacy, and greasing the wheels of the corporate machine by means of deregulation.
The tea baggers and neo cons are truly a cancer to Aztlan, and the US as well. They are seeking every method possible to impose their will onto the rest of the people by bank rolling politicians, corporate media, and propoganda spewed to complacent people.
Yesterday’s vote is a victory for Albuquerque, for women’s reproductive rights, and for the rest of us who are sick of these gutless, cowardly religious zealots who continually stand in the way of progress in our civilization!

Stupid Republicans trying to pander the “Latino vote”

Since their landslide defeat in the 2012 Presidential Elections – they have shifted their stances to pander to what the media calls the “Latino Vote.” The figures suggest that non-whites carried 75% of the vote and that “Latinos” accounted for 65% – overwhelming number tilted in favor of Barack Obama.When the GOP realized this, they began changing their stance on “Immigration Reform,” something unprecedented until now.

It has loooooong been a theory of mine that white, xenophobic, discriminatory attitudes against Mexican Migrants has stemmed from something much larger, much higher, and with lots of funding – a specific agenda. This agenda lies in the facts and figures, the projections that Mexcanos, Mexican-Americans, etc. would outnumber all other minorites, and even the white majority in the United States – both through the influx of Immigrants, and through their off spring. Realizing this, an agenda has been put forth for at least two decades to suppress this influx, and oppress those already in the United States. My theory has long been that this agenda was implemented because somewhere, in some dark, smoke-filled room, the puppet masters realized they stood to be out numbered, out voted, etc.

Combine this with the overall fear and cultural divisiveness that exists among many whites, and “Hispano’s” who arte United States citizens. Arizona in particular has long been a draw for the white, affluent retiree snowbirds, making their own migrations from their home states and settling in Arizona. Their influx pushed a lot of the existent people out or away, and continues to with Bills such as SB 1070, and sh*thead Sheriffs, such as Joe Arpaio. Combine that with their legislators, and Governor Jan Brewer, and you have a recipe for a hostile state, against Chicano’s and Mexicano’s.

So, for some time, Republicans and white xenophobic “Nativists” have had it pretty comfy, insofar as they have been able to freely oppress our Gente, suppress our votes, and our Voz. But we overcame, we were persistent, and we showed up at the polls. We had volunteers going into our communities and registering more and more of us to vote.

So, the stupid, idiotic Republicans realized this, and started propping up thier poster boy, Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio himself is a “teabagger” Republican, with the same twisted, hostile ideaology of greed, racism, and oppressive social conservativism. He has spoken out against “illegal immigration,” and has supported Bills such as SB 1070. And now the GOP is propping him up, and grooming him to help get the “Latino Vote.” Further more, those same hypocrites are shifting their stance on immigration, and trying to be friendlier about it. They’re grasping for straws.

Marco Rubio does NOT represent our Gente/Raza! He is a sellout, and being of Cuban descent he does not understand the Chicano struggle. Cubans since the 50s’ have been able to enjoy a much more lax “migration” to the US. With the US Government declaring Cuba a hostile Commie Government, Cubanos were able to free come to the US, and get granted asylum the minute they stepped off the boat. This is in stark contrst to the Chicano people, who though they are larger land-locked, and on the same Continent as the United States and Canada live in despair over a line that was drawn either to the north or south of them. And although the US hasn’t proclaimed Mexico a hostile Government, it is one that is rife with corruption, crime, and no discernible middle class.

So her citizens opt for aspirations for a better life, in America “land of opportunity.” But they repeatedly get pushed back, oppressed, forced to take more illicit or desperate measures to get into the States. They then get villified or painted lazy, dirty, treacherous people with an inherent trait toward criminality, or abuses of social programs. Lets get one thing clear; There are more white people on welfare in the United States than any other race or culture. The figures are there.

We shouldn’t buy into the pandering strategy of the GOP. They think they can pidgeon hole us, or lump us all into one-category and call it “Latino.” This simply doesn’t exist with our Gente. We aren’t one blend, of one category, and until the Republicans realize this their strategies will fail.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to put out a section of “sellouts” on our websites, citing hostile Chicano’s/Chicana’s such as NM Governor Suzana Martinez. Her Abuelo migrated “illegally” from Mexico to the States but she continually supports hostile legislation against her own people. We’re going to shed light on dignitaries such as her who do more to supress our Gente than to help us.