The new tone of racism

Screencap of a facebook conversation that turned racial real quick.

Screencap of a facebook conversation that turned racial real quick

This Facebook image encapsulates the new tone of white supremacy in this country. This belief seems to be an underlying one which is held by a lot of Anglo people: that everything in this country was rightfully taken because the white Europeans prevailed by conquering over all the others. I’m sure this young white guy doesn’t consider himself to be a racist. In fact, he’s probably one of those people who says “I’m not racist! I have black friends.”

However if his underlying belief is that his race “kicked the asses” of the others, and therefore was righteous in creating the climate of colonization that many minorities grapple with today, then without question he is still just a racist.
I have continually encountered this mindset with many a white person. Many of them outwardly nice, easy going people who would consider themselves friendly, considerate, decent people.
But I have arrived at the understanding with most (if not every) white people I’ve come into better acquaintance with hold this underlying belief.

And how could they not? In public school, the histories they teach say very little about what the Europeans did on this continent. They touch briefly on it, but not in any way that might make the white kids too icky. Furthermore, white culture is represented in every facet of American life, and is in fact the vision of seeing everyone become “Americanized.” Their concept of this seem to limit the inclusion of other heritages, ethnicities and cultures while bolstering one culture, one way of doing things. One belief system, etc.