Carnalismo Brown Berets Protest SB185 in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Sunday, March 15, 2015, Carnalismo San Anto Brown Berets and others protested a bill which allows for racial profiling in Texas – one which is similar to SB 1070, in Arizona.

Republican state senator Charles Perry of Lubbock introduced SB 185. The bill would allow peace officers to ask anyone for documentation to prove their citizenship status. It would also allow the Attorney General to withhold state grand funds if municipalities forbid an officer from asking about someone’s status.

State Senator Donna Campbell of New Braunfels is co-sponsoring the bill.

We must put a stop to this “tongue-in-cheek” racial profiling legislation.

Black & Brown Unite against Police Brutality


Self Determination drives the Chicano/Afro activist.

To be able to fight aggressively for what you believe is Self Determination. An increased militarization of local police forces has lead to more police murders among Chicanos/Afros within the past several years. Many have witnessed police brutality in our own lives, either by getting hassled/beat by a cop or losing someone to police-inflected violence. The need to protect ourselves & our families in modern America has led to a reemergence of community-centered organizations like ours.


Bro AK (Left), Khari Abdul X (Center), & “Chuco” Felix stand together after a protest to demand accountability from the San Antonio Police Department in response to the unjustified murder of Marquise Jones,23.


 “You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.”
-Bobby Seale






The Carnalismo Brown Berets have come together with the New Black Panther Party to address the issue of police violence in our community. It is our mission to ensure that the voice of the community is not silenced as we have vowed to be the vanguard of the people’s movement by any means necessary. By providing traffic control & crowd support during demonstrations, we are keeping the integrity of our cause and displaying an organized retaliation against the oppresive forces at hand.

J4MWhen to Contact Brown Beret and/or Black Panther:


There will be certain occasions where having Brown Berets & Black Panthers can make a demonstration safer and have more of an impact among demonstrators and the intended audience (news outlets, people passing by, etc.). We will take initiative in getting your action to meet its utmost potential; and if there’s police or anti-protesters, we will act as the buffer zone between them and your crowd.

Continually have to deal with bad people…

En El Movimiento, we are riddled and rife with so many ppl hung up on their own self aggrandizement – we continually have to address this susceptibility, and permeability in order to keep things honest. There is, however a certain phenomena where distinct bad actors continually try to amass own-ness or ownership of the Brown Beret persona. There are individuals who have distinctly sought to copywrite or trademark what we do. They thirst to own it. They are so hungry to own it, they are willing to pay the fees, and take the gabacho route to have “own-ness” over a cause, in an effort to own the Brown Beret persona. LETS BE CLEAR – ANYONE MAKING CLAIMS TO THIS, VIA THE GABACHO GOVERNMENT ARE STILL THEMSELVES FEEDING THE SAME MACHINATIONS THE BROWN BERETS HAVE HISTORICALLY SOUGHT TO CHALLENGE. In other words, your legitimacy continually envelopes toward your ILL-ligitimacy, and I for one am sorry that you squandered such expense to file through the gabacho system, compromise your physical addresses in doing so, and continuing to harass other Brown Berets. We will NOT allow “bad actors” en el movimiento – it simply won’t occur.

Christmas Toy Drive, Black Friday, San Anto, TX

Toy Drive, Black Friday, San Anto, TX

Toy Drive, Black Friday, San Anto, TX

Christmas Toy Drive. Black Friday November 28th, 2014. WALMART 1603 Vance Jackson Rd San Antonio TX 78213. 10am – 3pm. Toys go to children of incarcerated parents…please help make this event a success! ..Santa will also be there helping!… any question call Brown Beret Tom..

Ferguson Verdict gives me the needle farts

After only perusing a few posts, I see many saying they’re NOT surprised of the Grand Jury Verdict today – over officer shit sh*t stick being acquitted of gunning down Michael Brown. It’s not enough to say that I wasn’t surprised. I am very much a “worst-case-scenario” kind of guy. Many might argue that I’m a pessimist – still many others would argue that I’m an analytical thinker. Day-to-day situations frustrate me, while I can be cool as a cucumber during crisis type situations.

But I am actually, honestly surprised. Anyone who knows anything about our justice system knows that it is not – nor has it ever been blind in any instance where it inconvenienced the prevailing “old world” powers.

Justice, as put forth by the philosophical Romans was beset on seeking “moral” argument of right and wrong – but since it’s inception, it was still engineered for nuances; “this is allowed here, but not there. We will be judged by peers, but not those peers – not the obvious ones, or the ones most afflicted or affected by the factors of the case.

Yes, Law gives me a huge case of the needlefarts. I mean “needlefart” metaphorically, but it sort of means, something meant to relieve ones self which ends up causing a great deal of pain. Such is the case with the Ferguson ordeal. Fact of the matter is this: Too many cops are shooting too many civillians indiscriminately and getting off scott-free for it.

The police are enjoying a vindictive privilege we civilians are NEVER afforded – and worse yet, we PAY them! Our taxes pay them.

Even if we could find a way that our taxes no longer fund them, the GOP would hire private police. So what is there to do?


Junta de Unidad, Odessa Meeting

Saturday, August 2nd 2014, the Carnalismo Brown Berets converged at a national level for the “Junta de Unidad,” Carnalismo Brown Beret Unity Conference in Odessa, Tejas. The conference allowed for participants to see and hear first hand what other members had to say about their specific environments, concerns, and any initiatives they had been working on.

Junta de Unidad 2014

Junta de Unidad 2014

The conference also allowed for some votes and motions to be put forth. The Carnalismo Brown Berets voted two National Spokespeople; Rosemary Martinez, and Ricky Gonzales. Another vote was put forth to open up a Carnalismo Female Commission, to handle specific initiatives from the female perspective.

We wish to thank the hosting chapter; Carnalismo Brown Berets de Odessa for all of the accommodations; the food, venues, and hospitality we were privileged to partake in. It was an honor to be in their company.


Brown Beret Jose Maria Vasquez with American GI Forum Speaks

As many of our members are Military Veterans, we Carnalismo Brown Berets do support our Veterans, and support helping them in many of the pitfalls they encounter upon returning from war and combat. These issues with hospital shortages are rampant in states in Aztlan (US Southwest) that cover huge expanses, but have low, or rural populations. Sr. Vasquez speaks on the disparity and lack of resources for Veterans, and how absurd and wasteful (or misallocated) government spending can be.


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Carnalismo Brown Berets, San Anto at protest against John Boehner

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The Carnalismo Brown Berets de San Anto and many others participated in a Community Protest against Speaker John Boehner for lack of leadership to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform The Rally was held outside of the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel where Speaker John Boehner spoke for a luncheon for a Chamber of Commerce. The Carnalismo Brown Berets and Bexar County Young Tejano Dems ( delivered a Letter to Speaker John Boehner’s staff advocating for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Protest was organized by the Bexar County Young Tejano Democrats, with the support of the Brown Berets San Antonio,Texas Young Democrats, Henry Rodriguez of LULAC Concilio Zapatista, Texas Organizing Project, Mujers Unidas Domesticas, San Antonio Immigrant Youth Movement (S.A.I.Y.M.), and Mission Democrats of Bexar County among others.

Our very own Victor San Miguel was quoted in the San Antonio Current! Link Below: