Even more slander/libel, by way of Jon “El Gitano” Burns

Even more slander and libel have been spread about Ricky Gonzales, Carnalismo Prime Minister of Nuevo Mexico. They have once again resurrected the LIE that Ricky Gonzales works with law enforcement. And Jon “El Gitano” Burns goes so far as to say that Ricky Gonzales smokes crack, drinks like a fish, and gets beat up by women and calls the cops on them. None of this is true, but what is true is that the last time Ricky called Burns and his cohorts on the phone confronting their lies, minutes later he recieved a phone call from New Mexico State Police Officer Olguin! That’s right, Burns and his lapdog called the cops on Gonzales. Audio of this may be posted soon.


See their repugnant statements below:




















Ricky Gonzales is being libelously slanderd, yet Jon “El Gitano” Burns himself is the one with a PROVEN Law Enforcement background….talk about projection:

More Slander, by way of Jon “Juanito” Burns

Jon “Juanito” Burns is continually dispersing his same lies and smear campaigns. For anyone trying to refute or research just the tip of the iceberg on this guy, check out www.brownberetsnewmexico.com. Carnalismo is also putting it out there that Jon “Juanito” Burns, and “Los Brown Berets La Hermandad,” (a group open only to men) ARE NOT Brown Berets! They are a regurgitation invented by Jon “Juanito” Burns after he was kicked out of the BBNO for sexual harassment findings. Those Burns has lied to, and who align themselves with “La Hermandad (a group with NO historical ties to El Movimiento whatsoever) are ALSO not observed as Brown Berets by the Carnalismo, as well as other groups. Examining their bizarre rantings in their statements, one cannot help but realize they are trying to turn the Brown Berets into some sort of occult religion, being run like a prison gang. Just look at the facebook post below. They lament on how Ricky Gonzales is an “internet warrior,” and on how they are “..real soldados.” Which is very funny, since they chose FACEBOOK of all places to prove that they aren’t “internet warriors!” Bua ha ha ha!

All unmistakable humor aside, “Los Brown Berets de La Hermandad..” are NOT Brown Berets, no matter how much they lament that they are. They something Jon “Juanito” Burns made up after being kicked out of a second Nationally recognized Brown Beret organization. Burns has disrupted so many Brown Beret organizations in less than five years  that he has no credibility – except among the men who tried to bury his sexual harassment scandals. (Sounds a lot like the Sandusky Incidents).


Palabras: Victor San Miguel-Carnalismo Prime Minister

About a day ago, on Facebook Jon “Juanito” Burns (now calling himself “El Gitano.” made some slanderous statements and threats regard some Carnalismo Brown Berets, as well as a National Brown Beret. Please see photo below:







In response to the above statements, Prime Minister of the Carnalismo Brown Berets, Victor San Miguel asked that the web admin post his statement on the slanderous, lies as put out on Facebook.

“This is Victor San Miguel. I wish to clarify that a video that was taken down recently, was taken down only for respect and sensitivity toward the family of Rudy “Hasbro” Rivera.

If was for this reason only that I asked to have the video taken down.
This statement is also to clarify that Carnalismo stands alone, and we stand together. Carnalismo, and all chapters as well as all members of Carnalismo also stand behind Ricky Gonzales and Brian “Chuco” Felix, as Brown Berets, as members of the Carnalismo Brown Berets, and as Prime Ministers operating in their home states. We also stand be behind rosemary martinez  as well.
i didn’t have the honor of knowing Hasbro but I respected the man. he was a true warrior of La Causa, and for this reason ALON I asked them to take the video down.

This is the first time that I have spoken and given my message on the website (Facebook). It will be my last. May Carnalismo be judged by what work that they do in their communities. We have no time for fighting amongst ourselves in public.

If you have proof in paper about any person – brown beret or not then please put it out there. If not…if its your opinion keep it to yourself. I respectfully wish to uphold the dignity of all Brown Beret members, regardless of patch.

if you have any questions, please feel free to call me: (210) 452-6543

Amor en el Espiritu del Carnalismo,

Victor San Miguel,
a soldier for the chicano people

lets concentrate on the situations in Arizona”

In memory, Rudy “Hasbro” Ramirez

As of this writing I have just finished burying my grandpa earlier this afternoon. With mucho siento, we the Carnalismo Brown Berets also mourn the loss of a Brown Beret hero, a veterano to which we regard as heroic and tenacious.
Hasbro, was among the few non-Carnalismo Brown Berets who was given an honorary patch to wear. Our condolences go out to the Rivera family.
That being said, there has been some confusion surrounding a YouTube video that was posted recently, consisting of video footage of Hasbro heroically taking swings at National Socialist Movement members at a riverside protest. The video is interlaced with audio of Jon (juanito) Burns boasting about overseeing Hasbro’s expulsion from the Brown Beret National Organization. For those who may not be enlightened, Jon Burns was himself voted out of the BBNO, due to allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. Though he was appointed second in command of the BBNO, his peers voted for his expulsion after very real evidence was revealed of his misconduct.

The video which was posted was NOT a move made by the Carnalismo Brown Berets governing body. It was however posted by some members of the Carnalismo Brown Berets.

It has been brought to the attention of the Carnalismo, though NOT verified by direct contact that the Rivera family that they have taken offense to the video. To that end, again after having just buried my grandpa today, I and Carmalismo cannot further express our sympathies and condolences.

The following and the former ARE official statements as agreed upon by the Carnalismo. Chiefly, the video was taken down. Firstly, the intent of the video was NOT to villify Hasbro by any stretch or exaggeration. The initiative of the video was actually a protectionist measure, meant to show the deceptive nature of Jon “Juanito /El Gitano” Burns.
I can fully attest to seeing Burns using a Brown Beret passing as an opportunity to deceive the family of the departed. I have buried two soldados whose passing he has used to embolden his image. The video was a measure to alert the Rivera family as well as other Brown Berets that Burns himself spoke Ill of Hasbro some two years ago, only to use his death to try to gain a foothold into whatever regurgitation of the BBNO he obliterated may exist today.

To the family of Hasbro we express our condolences, and observe his heroic deeds. To the corrupt, deceptive, morally bankrupt individuals such as Burns who continue to cast threats, we assure the public and the Brown Beret community that we will not work with nor observe such corrupt individuals. Even as of this writing, threats have been cast on some of us, not from the minutemen, the KKK, the NSM or any white supremist groups. Threats are being cast by men identifying themselves as Brown Berets.