Burque dodges a bullet-squelches anti-abortion ban

Yesterday, after an historic election (the only of its kind) Burque residents voiced their vote, and told meddling, tea bagging oppressors to butt out of women’s rights, when it comes down to late term abortion.
It is very ironic and duplicitous of the tea baggers and republicans who bitch and whine about government being too far sweeping only to try to ply legislation to suppress others based on their religious tenets.
As Brown Berets, we do NOT welcome this tea bagging element in Burque, Nuevo Mexico, or Aztlan as a whole. These tea baggers and republicans are often the same suppressive people who support legislation that seeks to oppress our Chicano people, the poor, and other minorities. These same greedy pigs want the government to butt out of their money, but to intervene on social matters such as Civil Rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, social services and social welfare programs as well as public programs or infrastructure.
Tea baggers and republicans are continually being funded by private special interest groups, corporations, and individuals, such as the vile ass wipe Koch Brothers. The funding toward the groups bring other special interests to the table, such as ALEC, a group aimed at schmoozing republican legislators, and tailor fitting the language to write bills that would continually stymie the poor, while oppressing their personal rights and privacy, and greasing the wheels of the corporate machine by means of deregulation.
The tea baggers and neo cons are truly a cancer to Aztlan, and the US as well. They are seeking every method possible to impose their will onto the rest of the people by bank rolling politicians, corporate media, and propoganda spewed to complacent people.
Yesterday’s vote is a victory for Albuquerque, for women’s reproductive rights, and for the rest of us who are sick of these gutless, cowardly religious zealots who continually stand in the way of progress in our civilization!

Even more slander/libel, by way of Jon “El Gitano” Burns

Even more slander and libel have been spread about Ricky Gonzales, Carnalismo Prime Minister of Nuevo Mexico. They have once again resurrected the LIE that Ricky Gonzales works with law enforcement. And Jon “El Gitano” Burns goes so far as to say that Ricky Gonzales smokes crack, drinks like a fish, and gets beat up by women and calls the cops on them. None of this is true, but what is true is that the last time Ricky called Burns and his cohorts on the phone confronting their lies, minutes later he recieved a phone call from New Mexico State Police Officer Olguin! That’s right, Burns and his lapdog called the cops on Gonzales. Audio of this may be posted soon.


See their repugnant statements below:




















Ricky Gonzales is being libelously slanderd, yet Jon “El Gitano” Burns himself is the one with a PROVEN Law Enforcement background….talk about projection:

More Slander, by way of Jon “Juanito” Burns

Jon “Juanito” Burns is continually dispersing his same lies and smear campaigns. For anyone trying to refute or research just the tip of the iceberg on this guy, check out www.brownberetsnewmexico.com. Carnalismo is also putting it out there that Jon “Juanito” Burns, and “Los Brown Berets La Hermandad,” (a group open only to men) ARE NOT Brown Berets! They are a regurgitation invented by Jon “Juanito” Burns after he was kicked out of the BBNO for sexual harassment findings. Those Burns has lied to, and who align themselves with “La Hermandad (a group with NO historical ties to El Movimiento whatsoever) are ALSO not observed as Brown Berets by the Carnalismo, as well as other groups. Examining their bizarre rantings in their statements, one cannot help but realize they are trying to turn the Brown Berets into some sort of occult religion, being run like a prison gang. Just look at the facebook post below. They lament on how Ricky Gonzales is an “internet warrior,” and on how they are “..real soldados.” Which is very funny, since they chose FACEBOOK of all places to prove that they aren’t “internet warriors!” Bua ha ha ha!

All unmistakable humor aside, “Los Brown Berets de La Hermandad..” are NOT Brown Berets, no matter how much they lament that they are. They something Jon “Juanito” Burns made up after being kicked out of a second Nationally recognized Brown Beret organization. Burns has disrupted so many Brown Beret organizations in less than five years  that he has no credibility – except among the men who tried to bury his sexual harassment scandals. (Sounds a lot like the Sandusky Incidents).


Regarding “Brown Beret Unity”

It has been seen played out so many times by seasoned Brown Berets, this concept of unity amongst major Brown Beret organizations. And yet, any seasoned Brown Beret knows that while the best of intent is sought in these attempts at affiliation, rarely does it work out, and often it leaves one or more organizations obliterated with distrust, off shoot groups, and mass confusion.
It is often a misnomer to think that such conglomerations would be beneficial to El Movimiento, and that will be explained here. This article is not meant to portray Carnalismo Brown Berets as “haters” or being stand offish. This article is meant to shed light on why such ambitions to cross affiliate may seem appealing on the surface, but often carry unforeseen hurdles and volatility.
For starters, many Brown Beret organizations hold some philosophical differences. Either in how they best see we Chicanos realize our goals, or what political affiliations we subscribe to, or how we manage our ranks. There are some organizations who impose their will on their members, imposing yet more institutions on their own people. Carnalismo doesn’t do that. Carnalismo encourages independent thought. There are some Brown Beret organizations who micro manage their members, inventing bizarre titles and ranks, sometimes changing as often as people change their chones. Some of these organization use this rank and file system to reward their devotees, or psychologically punish them by imposing demerits. This behavior is imposing, cult like and abusive. Carnalismo doesn’t do that. While we do have ranks, we generally treat one another as equals, and run by consensus, facilitation, and understanding of one-another.
Another reason that conglomerizing different organizations rarely pans out has to do with the under pinning of those calling for it. While some are whole heatedly sincere in their intentions (hey, we would ALL love to see unity) there are others who involve their egos, personal agendas, and vendido complexes. It is these individuals who bring the very corrosive seeds of corruption in almost everything they touch. We have seen mutations of Brown Beret groups who organize in a way that defies the very premise of Brown Berets; groups who deman their members swear their solidarity to individuals, rather than El Movimiento- men who behave like supreme pontiffs, and carry some twisted sense of self entitlement as if they should be bestowed with praise and devotion.
There are many, many, many, individuals who should never have been allowed to be Brown Berets, who weren’t properly vetted, or we’re hastily recruited in some effort to pump up their numbers. Again, Carnalismo Brown Berets don’t do this. We don’t ask people to join. They ask us. Carnalismo is not concerned with pumping up our numbers, or amassing power by conglomerizing. Often one productive, honorable individual can be far more effective than ten non productive, low calibre individuals.
This statement isn’t being put out to say Carnalismo is better than other organizations. This statement is being put out to explain what we have seen works and what hasn’t worked en El Movimiento. It is far more unifying to give the nod to one-another, to have a loose understanding of our unspoken bonds with our Gente, and to try to be intrinsically helpful in all ways that we can.